Hear it from the Community

Here are some of the things that professional coaches and peers in the Digital Champions Club are saying about their experience of learning better by learning together.

“I really want my mentees to understand the importance of the business – what the drivers are for the owners of that business and to be able to make sure that whatever projects they do, they can really hook it into it.”

Gabe Alves | Coach, The Digital Champions Club

“We see digital evolution as a way to grow our capacity and skills without the necessity to grow the number of employees in the organisation.

The digital champions process allows a controlled analysis and methodology for adopting the right policies and digital solutions based on what the issues are.”

Robert Goodliffe | Sponsor, ClarkeHopkinsClarke

“We’ve got an extra layer of digital champions at work – the ones who are really passionate about the quality of their work. It attracts all the people who are excited about progress.”

Audrey Whisker | Champion, ClarkeHopkinsClarke

“I love working with and mentoring the underdogs. So, they’re the ones who don’t think that they have access to capabilities that larger organisations do. It’s great working with them to be able to help them access technology that will really support them to do great things.”

Kate Fuelling | Coach, The Digital Champions Club

“We didn’t think we’d get that much return from such a small activity, but we’ve actually paid the project back before we really even started it.”

Keith Thompson | Champion, SICK

“One of the big things I’ve learned over the last 12 months is to continually ask questions of your staff…find out what they struggle with. You’ll find there’s a lot of good projects in talking to them.”

Adam Grabda | Champion, Bulbeck Group

“The biggest thing I’ve learnt is that some of the problems that we have are also prominent in other businesses and other organisations. So from our perspective, we’re not alone and it helps us with some problem solving and to create some digital knowledge.”

George Alikakos | Champion, Andi-Co