Program Structure

2 Digital Champions. 2 hours each per week. 6-8 projects per year. $100,000+ in value.

The Digital Champions Club is a year long program that includes everything you need for your digital projects to succeed. Over 12 months, your digital champions will be developed and supported to deliver between six and eight projects with a value of between $10,000 and $50,000+ each. Over the year of the program, you should expect a minimum benefit of $100,000 in value back to your organisation.

What you get

Proven Methodology

At its foundation, the Digital Champions Club is based on a proven methodology that is easy to follow and simple to implement. It provides a step-by-step approach to identifying and prioritising potential opportunities, investigating options, developing the business case, building internal support, managing risks and implementing solutions.

Once a month, digital champions have a one-on-two coaching session with one of the program’s expert coaches. Monthly coaching is more than just about access to advice, it drives accountability and helps ensure that your projects get delivered.

Monthly Coaching
Quarterly Intensive

Once a quarter, digital champions from across Australia convene for a one day ‘bootcamp’. A peer to peer learning opportunity to share the projects they’re working on and to get advice from industry experts. For the convenience of members, the quarterly ‘bootcamp’ is run simultaneously on both the east and west coast of Australia and also accessible via live stream.

Both at the quarterly bootcamp and at regular online masterclasses, members are exposed to cutting edge ideas presented by industry experts. Speakers are selected to inspire new thinking, help members identify potential opportunities and provide practical advice to help in the delivery of digital projects (some of our past speakers are listed here).

Expert Speakers
Online Community

Between the quarterly bootcamps, digital champions can get ongoing support and advice through a private online community group called ‘The Huddle’. Not only can members post questions, seek advice and share ideas they can also be inspired by a library of over 80 real projects completed by members of the program.

Through the Huddle, members can also access extensive online learning resources including videos detailing the key aspects of the methodology, activities and resources, keynotes from expert speakers, book reviews and much more.

On Demand Learning

Program structure